Monday, June 17, 2013

Baby... this week... 3 days

Oh dear LORD I am having a baby this week! We are (hopefully) 3 little days away from meeting our sweet baby! It hasn't quite hit me yet. I've been keeping myself pretty busy doing my "reading camp" (don't ask) and keeping the house clean for this baby's arrival and family staying. I've run about a million errands of random things "I won't want to do after baby is born." Lately we have celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary, Father's Day, and our last week of just being us two. So crazy. I am swollen and huge with all of this fluid retention I've so lovingly gathered the last two weeks. My flip flops make crazy indentions in my feet and I look like a chipmunk (you won't be seeing a 39 week bump picture... sorry!) I know parenting a newborn will come with its many challenges, but I am SO ready to feel like myself again, sleep comfortably (I know I won't be sleeping much, but at least I'll be comfortable when I do :) and to meet our son or daughter!!!
It has been an amazing 3 years with this guy. I remember wondering if I could ever love him more than I did on this day. I can honestly say I love him so much more now than I ever have, and I can't wait to see him be a dad. Sigh...

We had a fancy little Anniversary dinner at Coach House

What a great dad I have!  He has always been such a fun dad- constantly being silly and making us laugh. I can't even imagine how fun he will be as a grandpa!

I have such a wonderful father-in-law! I am so lucky that our baby will have such a loving "Ganddad!"

Thomas's almost-a-father's day gift!

For our last doctor appointment and ultrasound last week, the tech put it on 3-D for a minute. I almost cried I was so excited to see our little love. Are you a girl or a boy? I have no idea but I do know I already love this little one so much it makes my heart hurt. See you soon, sweet baby.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

36 Weeks and Counting

36 weeks! Baby is the size of a watermelon, and I can attest to that- the baby feels HUGE. I'm feeling more and more "pregnant" and uncoordinated each day. :) Car seat in, nursery ready (for the most part,) so now we just wait! Pictures of house and nursery to come, but here is a few from yesterday.
36 weeks!

These sweet pups are so curious about this room! I have a feeling they will be spending a lot of naps in here or by the door!

Monday, May 13, 2013


I loved being able to spend Mother's Day with my wonderful mom and mother-in-law. They have helped me so much the last month with house, nursery, baby preparation, etc. It has been hard for me to clean and invest too much time in nursery projects, so they have taken over and helped me so graciously.

As I'm preparing to embark on this whole "motherhood thing," I have definitely found myself appreciating my own mom so much more. It is a tough job, and I truly hope I can be half the mom she has been to me (seriously.) She is such an example of unconditional love, support, and selflessness.

My mom sent me this picture of "mommy practice" the other day. Working on being a big sister before Amanda comes home from the hospital.

Then the "real deal" comes home. Lord knows (and they will tell you) I've had LOTS of practice being a mom with Amanda and Bailey. I couldn't help it, it's a big sister thing. They turned out pretty good though, I must say. This picture is a perfect example of what our child could be- blondie like me, or dark hair like T (or Amanda in this pic)??? SO excited to see what this baby looks like, I can hardly stand it! Another random thought- I love that hospitals used to do the whole yarn bow thing.   

Baby Getting Lots of Lovin

We had a huge weekend celebrating baby Moratto. Words can't express how grateful I am for my friends and family who make me feel so loved, and that already love this baby so much.

 I ended the school week with a shower at school, which was SO sweet of them to do. The artwork was done by students for a boy or a girl. :)

On Saturday my sisters and best friends threw me such a special shower. All the decorations were so handmade and well thought-out, from the streamers that match the nursery, to the cute neutral diaper cake, to the treats I've been craving. Baby Moratto is so loved!

My beautiful hostesses

My preggo buddy- so fun to go through this together!

Thomas was also busy getting his celebration on for the baby! Kevin threw him a "Diaper Party"- basically an excuse to drink beer with your friends. This was AWESOME because we got a ton of diapers and had an excuse to have people over to the new house. Kevin grilled some burgers and brats, got a keg, and the guys were happy. The weather was perfect, and a few of us girls enjoyed the diaper party after the shower.

They couldn't be any cuter! Max is a ladies man with the pretties, Georgia & Campbell.

Another huge highlight of my weekend was meeting sweet baby Naaman. Maggie had another beautiful boy, and I was so glad I got to be in town this time to meet him at the hospital. I really could just borrow this one until I have my own. Craaaaazy sweetness.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Shower #2

A few of my mom's best friends hosted my second shower. M.L., the queen of party-throwing, had it at her house. These friends of my mom are ones she has had since I was in middle school. It is all these kids that I grew up with and their parents. So does this mean they've been playing bunko for about 20 years? Geez! So fun to see everyone!
cutest little umbrellas and succulent plants as decor


cutie cookies

Aunt Janet and cousins, Libby & Laura

Some of the bunko gals

Nana and Aunt Lisa came from Tulsa

My Granddad's two sisters (Aunt Marilyn & Sharon,) Nana, and Grandma

The sweet hostesses with my mom and I

Finally got some Sooner gear for this baby! From my Great-Aunt Sharon of course- biggest OU fan I know.